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  • Aug

    Diversity Memo Writer Got Fired By Google ...

    Tag: Google , Memo , Writer ,

    Just few moments back BBC has confirmed the sack of the Google’s employee who wrote a memo on diversity among Google’s employees. Google’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai threw an email to all his employees on Monday mentioning the controversial memo has broken the firm’s code of conduct. During the weekend, the memo ...

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  • Jul

    Apple Pulled VPNs From Its App Store In China ...

    Tag: Appel , China , Store , VPNs ,

    We all might have already know the benefits of using VPNs and the ones who don’t know let me just mention them again that VPNs allow its users to access online materials hiding their own IP address. Even they can have the access to those certain materials which might be ...

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  • Jul

    No More Encrypted Messages In Australia ...

    Tag: Australia , Encrypted , Free , Messages ,

    Apple and Facebook will be enforced with the new law where they have to provide access to encrypted messages to the Australian Govt. The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is trying very hard to get the access as he thinks that these encrypted messages could end up delivering to the ...

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