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  • May

    No Wikipedia: Turkey ...


    Apparently, all the access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkish Government. Its needless to speak the importance of the world’s most popular website, Wikipedia and initially the reason behind was not so clear for imposing the ban. But by the Turkey Blocks group the news came out ...

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  • Apr

    Wikitribune for News Service ...

    Tag: News ,

    The co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales is planning to open up a news service which combines both the work of professionals and volunteers and name it Wikitribune. Reason behind this is to eliminate the fake articles online and offer the readers “factual and neutral” articles. That service will be completely ad-free ...

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  • Apr

    Smartphones in Kenya ...

    Tag: Communication , SmartPhone ,

    There is a girl named Esther lives in Kenya, who sells water on the Kenyan road side for a few dollars a day. She also owns a smartphone which is highly praised in terms of empowering women. But it went south for Esther when she installed an app for her smartphone. ...

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