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  • Jul

    iPhone, In The Verge Of Getting Banned by Qualcomm ...

    Tag: Apple , Banned , Qualcomm ,

    iPhone has been using chip made by world’s biggest producer of mobile phone chip named Qualcomm for its phone. But this company has appealed to block some of iPhones sale in the US. The firm accused iPhone for using chips by its rivals, like – Intel, infringe six of its patents. This ...

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  • Jul

    New Phone By Samsung ...

    Tag: New Hope , NewPhone , Recover , Samsung , SmartPhone ,

    Few months back a report came out about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, hope you all remember that! Some of the parts have been used to make a new Note Fan Edition, which will hopefully “minimize the environmental impact” that was cause by the previous one. The firm is only ...

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  • Jun

    Travis Kalanick Stepped Down From Uber ...

    Tag: Travis Kalanick , Uber ,

    Uber now operates in 662 countries around the world and is valued nearly $70bn. But the accusations have not yet been stopped against Uber’s founder and other members. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive has resigned from the firm as his fellow shareholders started to give him pressure because of his series ...

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