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  • Apr

    10k Views for Adverts on YouTube ...

    Tag: Business , Views , YouTube ,

    It’s been so long that the YouTube users are generating profit via adverts on their video channels, but now YouTube is changing the rules for that. YouTube has announced that every new channel need to get 10k views if they want to be considered as the YouTube Partner Program. After that ...

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  • Apr

    Rentberry, Making the US Tenants Bid for Their Apartments ...

    Tag: Apartments , Home ,

    “We made a huge splash”, Chief Executive of Rentberry, Alex Lubinsky said when one tenant rights lawyer described that site as “callous”. On this site, the landlords get to set up preferred rent for their apartments on which the prospect tenants get to bid. Most likely the tenants bid their prices ...

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  • Mar

    Nothing Gets Faster Than IBM ...

    Tag: Computers , Faster , IBM ,

    Unbelievably fast quantum computing system has been launched by IBM and they made it commercially available to business and to the research community by reinforcing it. The firm is targeting to boost up the number of people who will be using these computers for their personal and professional benefits. Since May, that ...

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