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  • Jan

    SOPHIA: An Artificially Intelligent Humanoid ...

    Tag: Artificial Intelligent , hanson robotics , humanoid , robot , Sophia ,

    These days, wonders are just like any other thing in our life. Science and technology never stopped mesmerizing us in their own ways. Scientists are working on projects ranging from drones to virtual reality but amongst all these, the talk of the town seems to be one Sophia - the ...

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  • Jan

    Apple Issuing Software For Slow iPhones ...

    Tag: Apple , iPhone , launch , slow , software ,

    Apple users have been continuously complaining about old iPhones models getting slow for which Apple has apologized to all. The firm is going to produce batteries for lass and also launch a new software in 2018 to eradicate this problem. This software will also help the customers to monitor their phones’ ...

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  • Dec

    Apple Faced Lawsuit For Slow iPhones ...

    Tag: Apple , iPhone , Lawsuit , legal action ,

    As the iPhones age, older models get slowed down which caused big trouble for the firm as it had to go through two class action lawsuits. To defend itself, Apple has given the reason of prolonging the life span of devises at the same time to maximize diminishing battery power. A group ...

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