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  • Nov

    Apple’s HomePod Releasing Late ...

    Tag: Appel , Delay , Homepod , Release ,

    Apparently, due to some development issue, Apple has decided to launch its HomePod on 20178 rather than December, 2017. By early 2018, those HomePods will be available in the consumer markets of US, US and Australia. Apple wants to take on its rivals, Amazon and Google in the growing market for home ...

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  • Oct

    Question Raised Against Patreon’s Restriction On Pornography ...

    Tag: Pornography , Question , Raised ,

    It’s been a great disappointment spread among the mass number of people after the explicit ban on the sale of pornographic content and sexual services. But some of the members have accused the firm of betraying them as the activity was not illegal. This Wednesday, Chief Executive of Patreon has thrown a ...

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  • Oct

    New App For Teens – To Be Honest (tbh) ...

    Tag: 10 , App , Honest ,

    A new app called tbh, meaning “to be honest”, had been launched just 9 weeks before and since then this app had been downloaded 5 million times. Facebook has already acquired this app for an undisclosed fee. This app encourages teenagers to be nice to each other. Tbh’s app creator thought it ...

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